About Us


ASI KOREA which has walked the path of a company

     specialized in X-ray instruments for 30 years. 

       Starting with Technic Korea Co.,Ltd. (Foreign company introduced by foreign investment law) 

       in 1983, ASI KOREA has supplied a wide range of analyzing & measurement equipment

       more than 30 years so far as exclusive agent of HITACHI High-Tech Science Corporation where

       it is the highest supply rate in hazardous substance analyzer and metal plate gauge in Japan.

       In addition, ASI KOREA has been providing technical maintenance, management and education.

       Thanks to a lot of supports, we have continued to develop and have grown into a leader in

       eco-friendly analyze. In particular, since July 2006, regarding eco-friendly products that are

       now essential to all industries including RoHS & WEEE and the EU's ACT on the regulation

       of hazardous electrical and electromagnetic substances, ASI KOREA has supplied HITACHI's

       Fluorescent hazardous substances analyzer and showed a great performance by indicating

       more than 2,500 sales. 

       In the future, we will further strengthen support for fluorescent X-ray coating thickness 

       measuring instruments and hazardous substances analyzers, which are pride of our company, 

       as well as hazardous substances analysis to respond to RoHS & WEEE, as a company

       specializing in X-ray measuring instruments with the fastest customer response based on

       hot enthusiasm and endless spirit of challenge with new systems and advanced technology.

       We promise to always be with our customers to help them develop with the best technology

       and quick services, asking for continuous interest and encouragement. 

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