Coating Thickness Gauge FT110A



Allowing a wide range of applications like thickness metal plate instrument so far,

handling time can be shorten because of simple operation and improvement of

measurement performance added by new function.

26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 1. Auto focus system  

    Automatically adjusted focus in a few minutes after automatically placing position and putting a sample.


26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 2. Precisely measures 50㎚ Au coating thickness in 10 seconds

    Optimum geometry provides higher sensitivity even under a micro beam, enabling higher measurement

    accuracy with a round 0.1 or 0.2 mm collimator.




26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 3. Measurement without the standard sample

    Measurement can be done without thickness standard sample(s) by expanding the FP software.

    Measurement of multilayer film and alloy film can be performed easily.




26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 4. Easy positioning using the Wide View System (option)

    With the new Wide View System (option), the whole sample image can be observed (size max. 250x200)

    and the desired measurement area can be specified.


26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png Specification



X-ray source 

Air-cooled small X-Ray Tube 

Voltage: 50kV

Current: 40~1,000㎂


Proportional Counter 

Analysis area 

φ0.05, φ0.1, φ0.2, 0.025x4 ()

Sample Observation 

Color CCD camera (with wide view system)

Sample image focus 

Laser Pointer


Primary filter automatic switching 

Sample Stage

<Fixed> 535 × 530

<Motorized> 260 × 210

(Traveling : [X] 250 × [Y] 200 )

Application Software 

Thin Film FP (All types of thin films: Max 5 layers,

10 elements per layer), Calibration 

Safety Functions 

Sample door interlock, Diagnostic Function

Sample crash prevention mechanism




26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png Video


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