X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer EA6000VX


The EA6000VX High-Sensitivity XRF Analyzer is capable of determining hazardous

substances over entire surfaces as well as measuring microscopic points in a specified

area tasks that are not possible using conventional XRF instruments.

26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 1. High-speed Mapping  

    The high count rate detector (max. 150,000 cps) and the large stage that scans a max. 250  × 200 

    area provide high-speed mapping. For example, when mapping a 100  × 100  area, the EA6000VX

    can detect and specify the location of lead contained in the terminal of a mounting board in just a few



26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 2. Continuous multi-point Measurements

    With an auto-sampler, up to 500 points can be specified and continuously measured. 

    Thus, measuring large samples can be performed with high throughput and minimal user intervention.


26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 3. High Precision Overlap Function

    By adopting the Telecentric Lens System and the high-speed and high-precision XY stage, it is

    possible to precisely overlap the elemental mapping image and the optical image.

    It is easy to grasp the distribution of specific elements in specific parts of micro parts.

    Any position up to 250  × 200  is a vertical observation image, so the difference in positioning

    in the wide area is precise within 100.

26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 4. Microscopic Area Coating Thickness Measurements

    The EA6000VX is capable of coating thickness measurements typical of the FT series including coating

    thickness measurement of ultra-thin Au films. Analysis of hazardous substances such as Pb in plating

    can be measured simultaneously with coating thickness measurements. For example, possibilities include

    composition measurement of hazardous substances in Pb-free solder plating, Sn plating of lead frames,

    and electroless Ni plating.



26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 5. Standard reference materials for various environmental regulations

    A variety of standard reference samples developed and manufactured in-house are available those include

    not only for the RoHS restricted elements (Cd, Pb, Hg, Br, and Cr), but also for other elements such as

    chlorine (Cl), antimony (Sb) and tin (Sn) and so forth.



26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 6. Light Element Measurement (Optional)

    The He Purge option enables the analysis of light elements starting with Na.

    The system purges with He only while making measurements, providing stable, cost-effective analysis.


26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 7. See-through Mapping Fuction

    Mapping images of various elements, such as Pb on boards, can be obtained without taking apart

    products or even knowing anything about the internal structure of laptop computers and cell phones,

    for example.

    By comparing the element mapping images obtained by penetrating X-rays, a great deal of information

    can be obtained about the structure and internal components.


26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 8. Contaminant Analysis

    With its high-speed mapping function, the EA6000VX is able to detect and locate small metal contaminants

    in the tens of micrometers size range for a wide measurement area. (at a maximum of 250  × 200 )

    Small or minute amount of contaminant contained in organic substances including resin, can be also detected.


26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png 9. Technologically Enhanced Operability

     - Auto Approach and Sample Collision Prevention Mechanism-

    Auto Approach Function measures the sample height and automatically adjusts the distance between

    sample and detector so that operator can easily measure samples with complicated shapes. In the case of

    manual operation, Sample Collision Prevention Mechanism prevents sample damages.


26d21e5d7825ab458d76582388b248f0_1581057021_3798.png Specification


Atomic nos. 11 (Na) to 92 (U) 

※When using He Purge Option 

Sample state 

Solid / Powder / Liquid 

X-ray source 

Small Air-cooled x-ray tube (Rh or W Target)

Voltage : 15 kV, 30 kV, 40 kV, 50 kV

Current : 20~1000

X-ray direction 

Top-down Irradiation 


Vortex® (SDD) No liquid nitrogen required 

Analysis area 

0.2, 0.5, 1.2, 3.0 φ (Automatic conversion)

Sample observation 

Color CCD camera (2 system)


6 filters automatic switching  


250 (W) × 200 (D) × 150 (H)


750 (W) × 740 (D) × 783 (H)



Power requirements 

AC100 ~ 240V (50 / 60Hz) / 400VA

Sample changer 

Door interlock, Crash protection,

Instrument seld-diagnosis 


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